Kya Apko pata hai keh aap Urdu parh rahay hain?

How often do we realize that the language we speak so frequently in our daily lives has actually lost its significance? The text written above is an example of how we end up using our language while communicating visually. When was the last time you walked down the street and saw an amazing billboard designed in Urdu script?

Facts prove that almost 2% of our population is literate enough to understand and read English whereas the rest speak Urdu on a common ground and if not read or write but understand the Urdu script.

The concern is not of the language, it is the script, which is losing its importance. As a designer, we should be able to incorporate our script in designing signage, products, logos, in our advertising and posters. In places like China and mostly the Middle Eastern countries, any imported product's packaging, or design is replicated in their own script the exact same way as the original. When a brand is launched in UAE, it is mandatory to design in Arabic along with English.

We are the ones communicating to the people, and the responsibility lies in our hands! It is our duty to use Urdu script in our designs and work on making it strong and better so that it is not only seen in our country but all over the world. Our brands should be distinct and recognized everywhere.
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